abalimi-logoAbalimi supports the organic micro-farming movement among the poor in Cape Town. It supplies the following services to approximately 3 000 micro-farmers, per annum, at an average total cost of R100 per farmer per month: bulk resources such as manure, seed, seedlings as well as a marketing infrastructure and system with pack-shed; training and ongoing follow-up and on-site technical support; planning, monitoring, evaluation, administration and management support; and community building and organisation building support. Abalimi is the implementing partner, in partnership with the Förderverein in Aachen, for the Climate Ticket Project, which supports local organic food production and consumption.

Ben-logoBicycling Empowerment Network (BEN) promotes the use of bicycles in order to address low-cost mobility, health and access to opportunity, employment, skills and education. The main mission of BEN is one of poverty alleviation through the promotion of environmentally sustainable transport via the bicycle, so as to enhance low-cost, non-motorised transport and improve health through linking exercise and mobility and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Specifically, the project will promote integrated transport solutions with other motorised and non-motorised options.

ERSWA-logoElsies River Social Welfare Association’s vision is to play a pivotal and leading role in the provision of an effective and sustainable social welfare service, with a focus on quality early childhood development and training, in partnership with its strategic constituencies, in accordance with accepted norms and values, and national priorities impacting positively on improving people’s quality of life.