The Agenda 21-Partnership that has been created between Cape Town in South Africa and Aachen in Germany is different to other partnerships between twinning cities and very unique because within the Agenda 21 Partnership the following sectors work together equally:

• Political and Local Government Administration Departments
• Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs)
• Enterprises

The collaboration between these role-players does not only happen between North and South, but is also interconnected within the North and the South.

What is the fundamental idea of this Partnership?
We practise a cooperative exchange about all themes of the Local Agenda 21 and initiate cooperative Agenda 21-Projects.


1. Vision o the Agenda-21-Partnership between Aachen and Cape Town
We want to learn together and from each other, we want to try new forms of North-South-Dialogue and set a new impulse for a consistent equitable world. Our local contribution for global equity should promote the international understanding, the personal awareness raising and the political education to equally take part in the development in the sense of Agenda 21.

2. How do we implement our intentions?
Our fields of work are exchanges and interdisciplinary cooperation between the environmental, educational, cultural and administrative facilities and NGOs in both cities. The partners on both sides of the globe plan the projects together.

3. The results
On a personal level, the inside view into the reality of life under totally different conditions than people are used to, leads people to another view of the world, widens their horizon and empowers them to more consensus and transfer.

The participating groups have an extra profit: improvement of fundraising, improvement of project-development skills and strengthening the community in cooperation-capabilities. In addition training opportunities and small jobs are also created through the projects.