The ASA Programme was funded by students in Frankfurt in 1960 and gives European students and young professionals the opportunity to work and live in a developing country for three months while focusing on a developmental project. Since 1982 CDG was the responsible organisation of the ASA-programme. Today it is the most important programme of Engagement Global in Berlin.

The Partnership has greatly benefited from this program with many volunteers from all over Germany assisting with projects in Cape Town. Until 2014 a total of 31 participants have benefited from the ASA Programme through the partnership since 2000.
Ten participants from South Africa have also benefited by visiting Germany through the ASA-North-South-Programme. This has helped with project implementation and cultural understanding. Four projects have directly benefited from the ASA North-South-Project: Bauwagen goes South (2004), Lessons in a Box (2005), Speelhuis (2010) and Opportunity Centre for Unemployed Youth (2012 + 2014). For more information about these projects please refer to the project section.

Between November 2004 and March 2005 an evaluation was done of all the ASA projects in SA between 2000 and 2004. This was very valuable in highlighting the value of these exchanges, as well as making some valuable recommendations to ASA, the participants and the hosts.

In 2013 ASA launched a new spin-off programme: ASA-Kommunal. Within this programme two municipalities in North and South have to work together to host the ASA students in cooperation with an NGO in the South. In 2014 the first ASA-Kommunal-project takes place within the Partnership: Climate Ticket Cape Town. For 2015 the next one is planned as a summary of 15 years of the Cape Town-Aachen Partnership.

For more information about these projects and the ASA programme, visit their website on