Expert exchanges to Germany (CDG/InWEnt)

exchanges-archive-expert-exchange1999 First guest for a long-term training through Carl Duisberg Gesellschaft: Dumisa Bangani from Khayelitsha.

The first ASA project which the Partnership was involved in focused on the development of the Partnership itself. Astrid Ley and Simon Wunder from Aachen visited Cape Town in June to October 2000 to do an analysis of all the relevant NGOs that would like to participate in the Partnership. Following on this Grace Stead and Mpumelelo Mlalisi from Cape Town visited Aachen from November 2000 to January 2001 to do a similar analysis in Aachen and get to know the local organizations based in Aachen.

During 2001 Shahnaaz Mosaval and Isgaak Slamdien visited Aachen for three months for specialist GIS training. They both work for the City of Cape Town and during their visit they were based at the RWTH University as well as the municipal offices.

During 2002 John Reed, a resident from Hangklip in Hout Bay, spent one year in Germany as part of a water and waste training programme. His focus is on the fishing industry around the Hout Bay Harbour.

Duke Gumede also visited Germany, including Aachen, for three months during 2003 with specialized Local Agenda 21 Training in water and waste. During his stay in Aachen he spent time at Welthaus, ASEAG, and the municipality.

Practical Semester (CDG/InWEnt)

exchanges-archive-practical-semesterThe programme Practical Semester focused on students from Technicons who spent 18 months in Germany – six months learning German, six months at class and six months with practical training. The first team of four students from Bellville Technical College departed in October 2001, with others leaving in 2002 and 2003, following by students from Cape Technicon, now Cape Peninsula University of Technology until 2005. Unfortunately this programme came to an end. It was an amazing experience for all the participants to study and live in a foreign country for an extended period of time. One of the aims of this programme was to support partnerships between the colleges/universities in South and North.

South-North-Conferences (CDG/InWEnt, 1999 – 2003)

exchanges-archive-SN-conferencesIn an attempt to promote north-south partnerships around Local Agenda 21 issues the former CDG organized and financed a project called the “Eleven Cities Network” with their first conference in 1999. This was the first meeting between the partners and formed an important basis for working together. The project continued until 2003 during which the CDG organized annual conferences in Germany for southern partners. In 2000 the conference took place in connection with the Expo in Hannover and in Aachen the first MoU was signed. In April 2002 five delegates from the City of Cape Town’s Tygerberg Administration, Aachen LA21 Partnership Steering Committee, representing both council (2) and civil society (2), were invited to attend a series of workshops and conferences in Germany to promote north south partnerships. John Roux, the independent partnership monitor, had also been invited to attend and assist with the monitoring of the partnership. The focus of the interaction was on the evaluation of the LA21 eleven cities networks, preparation and promotion of the Earth Summit and promoting new possible partnerships.