The aim of the Partnership is to promote sustainable development and the principles of Local Agenda 21 and this is done through projects, exchanges, networking and awareness-raising. In an attempt to promote the Partnership and its aims, various events were held during the years in both Cape Town and Aachen. These events are open to any interested persons and everybody is welcome.

Partnership Launch 2000 – Parow

The first Partnership event held in Cape Town was the launch of the Partnership, held in September 2000 at the Parow Council Chambers. This gave the local partners an opportunity to learn more about the Partnership and pledge their support.

LA 21 Forum Event 2004 – Bellville

In an attempt to promote LA21 and the Partnership in Cape Town, Partnership Forum Events were created. The purpose of these events was to promote networking opportunities for local organizations and was held as a full day event during the week to enable NGOs to attend.
The first City Wide LA21 Forum Event was held in November 2004 where Cllr Themba Sikhutswha gave a presentation about the Partnership and encouraged local organizations to sign the pledge and support the partnership. This event was co-ordinated by the City with the assistance of the Partnership Steering Committee and was held in association with the Western Cape Sustainable Development Forum and the City Wide Civil Society Forum. New Partnership Steering Committee members were also selected and a variety of interesting discussions were held.

Aachen South African Summer (May/June 2005)

As part of the five year celebration of the Aachen / Cape Town LA21 Partnership it was decided to have a summer celebration in Aachen. This included a variety of events such:

• Agenda 21 Workshop Week
• New Places – an art installation
• Mural at An der Schanz train station
• Weltfest at Welthaus
• Music workshops with Freshlyground
• Variety of concerts by Freshlyground and other musicians
• Presentation by Dennis Goldberg about “living in apartheid SA”

A variety of people from Cape Town attended the core of the festivities, including the musicians from Freshlyground, the artists doing the mural, the ASA-South-North participants, the LA21 co-ordinator and special guests such as Dennis Goldberg and volunteers from Germany that had worked in Cape Town.

Aachen-Spring-Festival – Cape Town (October 2005)

The Aachen Cape Town LA21 Spring Festival activities, which was held in response to the Aachen African Summer Festival held in Aachen in May 2005, as part of the five year celebration of the partnership. This included a variety of events such:

• Open Days at Manyanani Peace Park, West Coast Environmental Centre, Agri Business Place, Imizamo Yethu, Selfhelp Manenberg
• Car Free Day on Klipfontein Corridor
• Zenzeleni Bauwagen Workshop
• Youth SWAP Workshop at Fikelela
• VUFA at Natural and Organics Exhibition
• Opening Ceremony of Spine Road Mural
• Free Freshlyground concert at Manyanani Peace Park

From Aachen the two Mural artists Uta Göbel-Groß and Michaela Frank participated in the Festival as they created the mural at Spine Road and held the workshop at Fikelela together with their colleages Thulani Shuku and Dhatini Mzayiya from Khayelitsha.

Nelson Mandela – 90th Birthday (18th and 19th of July 2008) – Aachen

To celebrate Nelson Mandela’s 90th birthday the Partnership committee in Aachen decided to organize a cultural event which combined information about South Africa with activities, which showcased the Agenda 21-Partnership.
The huge number of participants (more than 500) during the weekend activities surprised the organizers and showed the big interest in the Partnership and the popularity of Nelson Mandela in Aachen. The weekend programme included the following:
Friday evening:
South Africans who live in Aachen discussed with locals from Aachen the big influence that Nelson Mandela had on South Africa and their personal lives in a very intimate atmosphere. During a long movie-night the two movies ”Tsotsi” and “Red Dust” were screened and discussed with the audience.
Saturday – a day of celebrating, music, art and food with a market and a lot of activities:
• Drum-session with Janvier Honfo (Congo)
• Painting a SWAP with Uta Göbel-Groß (Aachen) and Bruce Heens (Cape Town)
• Information-stands from HOKISA (Home for kids in South Africa), MONTIC, The Choral Singers and the Partnership itself
• Speeches and videos about several Partnership projects
• Selling-stands for South African Literature, SA arts and craft, Freshlyground-CDs and SA-Wine
• Braai with South African food

Faces of a Partnership – exhibition to celebrate the 10th Anniversary
In Aachen and Cape Town (July and October 2010 respectively)


The idea of the photographic documentary “Faces of a Partnership” was to bring and meet the drivers of the Aachen-Cape Town LA21 Partnership, asking them about their motivation, participation, experience, memories and changes; taking pictures of them and developing collages out of this.

The artist Uta Göbel-Groß (Aachen) and the photographer Ephy Nkunzi (Cape Town) developed and worked on this project from January to June 2010 and presented their work in their respective cities. The opening ceremony of the exhibition in Aachen was held at the historical “Krönungssaal” (crowning hall) of the Aachener Rathaus (town hall) on the 27th of July 2010, where Lord Mayor Marcel Philipp gave a talk in this noteworthy event, a South African delegation also attended.

Cape Town

The 10th Anniversary Celebration of the Aachen-Cape Town LA 21 Partnership in Cape Town was held in the Cape Town Civic Centre on the 20th of October 2010. Rob Small (Abalimi Bezekhaya) and Norbert Kuntz (Stadtoasen) gave a speech about the role of the South African and German partner-organizations within the LA 21 Partnership. The German Consul General, Hans Werner Bussmann and the Executive Deputy Mayor of Cape Town, Alderman Ian Neilson, noted that this partnership is the long standing international partnership is one with the most practical results and achievements.

During the Anniversary Celebration the “Faces of a Partnership” exhibition was opened in the entrance hall of the Civic Centre.