Delegation Visits

Aachen Delegation (March 2003)

After numerous visitors from Cape Town to Aachen, the Aachen partners decided to have a high level delegation visit in March 2003. Most of the delegates paid for their travel expenses privately, InWEnt paid two flights for the two NGO-members.

The aim of this was initially to sign the revised MoU, this was unfortunately not possible, beause of the transmission wihin the Cape Town administration, however a letter of intent was signed. The visit was nevertheless very worthwhile and provided a lot of insight for the Germans into the daily lives of the South Africans.

Cape Town Delegation (June 2004)

In December 2003 the City of Cape Town endorsed the signing of the revised MoU and selected Councillor Themba Sikhutshwa, executive councillor for Planning and Environment, to be the patron of the Partnership, along with Sabine Verheyen, (Member of European Parliment ). It was agreed that the MoU be signed in Aachen in June 2004.

A delegation from Cape Town attended the International Conference on Renewable Energy in Bonn and this opportunity was used to promote the Partnership with a focus on energy issues. The delegates from Cape Town were sponsored by InWEnt to attend the signing ceremony of the MoU in Aachen and also have some workshops and site visits promoting renewable energy in Aachen.

Aachen Delegation (November 2007)

The second delegation from Aachen visited Cape Town in November 2007. The aim of this visit was to intensify the partnership, to develop new projects and to sign the new Memorandum of Agreement, which happened during a very pleasant ceremony in the Castle of Good Hope.

Cape Town Delegation (short visit June 2010)
Faces of a Partnership (July 2010)

Counsellor Marian Nieuwoudt, Osman Asmal (Head of the Department of Environmental Resource Management) and Darryl Colenbrander visited Aachen after an international conference in Bonn and were welcomed and shown around by Gisela Nacken (Head of the Department of Environment) and the Lord Mayor Marcel Philipp. Because of the celebrations of the 10th anniversary of the Partnership and the opening ceremony of the exhibition „Faces of a Partnership” in the old Crowning Hall in the Town Hall of Aachen Osman Asman and his wife, William Williams (Selfhelp Manenberg) and Grace Stead (former coordinator of the partnership) visited Aachen in July.

Aachen Delegation (October 2011)

After another 4 years in 2011 another delegation with politicians, NGO-members and municipality officials came to Cape Town. As before (in 2007) all travel costs were paid privately by the delegates.

The most important aim was to have an evaluation workshop together with all the partners in Cape Town and to prepare the new Memorandum of Agreement, which was to be signed in 2012. During the workshop the partners could also establish a 5-year-plan for project implementation.