Climate Ticket

Climate-Ticket-Cape-Town-1What is Climate Ticket?

Climate Ticket Cape Town offers you the possibility to off-set your carbon footprint caused by aviation, mitigate climate change and simultaneously support disadvantaged people and communities.

Climate Ticket Cape Town is a project of the Agenda 21-Partnership Aachen-Cape Town. The partnership between these two cities, one in South Africa and one in Germany, is based on the principles of global sustainability by creating partnerships at a local level to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger, and to ensure environmental sustainability.

Members of local government and non-governmental organisations of both cities have worked together on different projects since 1999 which foster sustainable development on both sides. Thanks to Climate Ticket Aachen, which exists since 2009, people in Aachen have off-set their carbon footprints by funding various projects within the partnership.

Have a look at our world map and estimate your own carbon footprint. Compensate it by donating the indicated amount or just support the projects with the amount you wish. You can compensate 1 tonne of CO2 by supporting a project with 300 ZAR.

Please have a look at the brief description of the projects you can support and the donation details in the Flyer CTCT 2016

If you like to know more about Climate Ticket Cape Town and the projects CTCT supports, go to our website: